Monday, September 26th, 2016, Hyatt Regency New Brunswick, 5 PM to 8 PM

Exhibitor Toolkit

Create an experience that leaves a lasting memory.

This toolkit is here to provide you with suggestions on how to get ready for the LNP, what to bring and what to do after the expo.

At the Largest Networking Party, you will be given an eight foot skirted table with two chairs. You will receive two passes for your booth. If you are interested in purchasing more tickets.

Before the expo:

  • Ask a colleague or friend to help you so that you can leave your table and network with other exhibitors and attendees.
  • Make sure you have enough marketing materials for 1000 people, business cards for 500 people, and anything that will help you show off your business and its products or service.
  • Know your target client and who would be a good referral

Be sure to bring:

  • Business cards – your name, business, website, phone number and email should be clear.
  • Marketing/promotional material
  • Table skirt with your logo
  • Dress how you would for work every day.

During the Expo:

  • When you meet someone you think you should follow up with, make a note on his or her card with a star or a blurb about what you discussed. This will be a reminder after the event to follow up since you will be meeting so many contacts.
  • Don’t sit at your table – stand in front of the table and welcome people over to check it out and start a conversation.

After the expo:

  • You’ve met lots of people, now what? Go through your stack of business cards and separate the cards that could be potential clients, good referral clients and the people you clicked with.
  • Call the Chamber and let us know if you received leads from the event or if you were looking to meet someone but didn’t get a chance to. Let us know and we can help connect you!